How do I know if my current agency is doing a good job or not?

There are some basic, but important questions that you need to have in order to determine if you are with the right online marketing agency:
1) Do they provide full transparency when discussing your account with you?
2) Do you walk away from meetings with them with the impression that you were just fed a bowl of alphabet soup, but nothing with substance?
3) Are the goals that you originally came to them with discussed?

What kinds of results can you guarantee?

When you are running your business, you likely get many phone calls from solicitors promising you ‘the moon and the stars’ when it comes to having your ads online. Be very cautious with this kind of angle – if there is any chance that an agency like this is not adhering to Google’s best practices, then it is your domain that is penalized, not theirs!

In short, don’t let anyone guarantee you results on Google nor anywhere for that matter. What we can guarantee you is that we do adhere to the latest, best practices so that you can be assured that your advertising is on the best track that it can be.

How quickly will I see results?

This varies, but most paid search marketing is in real time. This means that you can see results as far as your ads being online, but more time will need to pass in order to collect data and come up with more strategic planning thereafter. We like to handle each marketing platform on a case-by-case basis. In your collaborations with us, we will have realistic expectations communicated to you based on what your targeting calls for.

Can you manage other ads outside of Google Ads?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we are going to recommend that you have other ads on other platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Maps, etc). What to look out for from one platform to the next will vary, and this is why we here – to walk you through the differences and set proper expectations for your ads, no matter what sites they are on.

Should I bid on my own brand terms?

Yes – you should bid on your own brand terms. The reasons behind this is very simple:
1) Ownership – You make have competitors bidding on your terms, so don’t let them get the best of your potential customers search querying.
2) Cost – Is it 9 times out of 10 that you will find that bidding on your own terms is at far less of a bidding cost than your other keywords, generally.
3) Real Estate – This is proper exposure for your ads to appear in, so you will want to appear on the search results pages as much as you can. This gains trust with the end-users.

What if I already use Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

If you have already created an account with either Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Yahoo! or anyone else then that is OK.¬† There is always valuable historical information in your advertising accounts that we can use to improve your results. We will review the current results and keyword usage before starting your service. This may help us in gauging other avenue’s of success for the work that we will be doing for you.

Display Ads - is this an effective means of online advertising?

It is, and it continues to be relevant more and more as time goes on.
Modern Display platforms have increasingly added direct response campaign features. Robust tools of identifying known, highly interested audience targets have expanded rapidly in recent years.