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A company’s brand identify should represent it’s employees and company ethos. We start by helping identify what your brand message should be, help create your logo, slogan, and what you’re most receptive audience is. We then research the myriad ways of reaching them and explore potential additional revenue streams for your business.

Before mapping out display campaigns, the primary metrics for each campaign need to be established. While Display can achieve a great many business objectives, putting too many responsibilities on a single campaign is a road map to failure. The solution is simply to break down each of the goals into a series of limited objectives. Lead or Sales without a known, predisposed audience target is a pipe dream.  Product or brand awareness are very achievable goals.

Display campaigns can sell too!

Display advertising has historically been seen as another branding channel, while Search has mostly been relied upon for lead gen and sales generation. However, modern Display platforms have increasingly added direct response campaign features. Since Search is less than 5% of the total page views on the Internet, the capability to use earn customers from the the remaining 95% of the web’s page views makes the potential to scale up Display campaign budgets for even small businesses huge. Robust tools of identifying known, highly interested audience targets have expanded rapidly in recent years.

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