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Selling products through a website is harder than it sounds, especially if you want to drive a significant profit. The products need to satisfy a demand. The website needs to instill enough trust for users to enter their credit card information. The copy on the product page needs to help overcome most objections. The pricing needs to reflect the intended value of the product while driving a profit. If the price is too high, the volume of sales might be too low. If the price is too low, the product may be perceived as lesser value or the margins might be be too slim to grow the business.

The first step in our ecommerce process is to return to the basics, market research. Is there a significant existing demand for the product? What is the search volume for the product or similar products? What are the asking prices on other websites. What does the provider website do to stand out, and how does it differentiate itself from the competition?

Following all of this, we look through the images of the products. If the product images don’t make the products attractive. We make sure the Google Analytics tracking on the site is setup properly and begin looking for any conversion bottlenecks that might cause users to stop from completing purchases. Before completing the process, we connect the product feed to Google Merchant Center and then the Merchant Center to a Google Ads account. We finish setting up the Search, Shopping, and Dynamic Remarketing campaigns before launching the campaigns after a checking for errors.

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