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Lead Generation: The goal any paid ads should be to generate leads. Social media posts should be directed to a best-practices landing page with a call to action. The landing page link will maximize the effectiveness of the overall campaign. It will also allow you the ability to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

Increase Your Business’s Visibility: Promoting posts on Facebook is a great way of increasing the visibility of your content. Increase Brand Awareness Customer Loyalty – When you create a Facebook page for your business and then promote it through Facebook advertising to accumulate more “likes”, you increase brand awareness.

Reach Engaged Audiences: Social media users tend to be highly engaged. Because people visit social networking sites several times per day and spend a lot of time on them, ads on social networks are more likely to be seen, clicked and shared.

Target Specific Audiences: Users on social media sites tend to submit a lot of their own information in their profiles. Businesses can use that information to target other users based on specific data, including their interests, geographic location, gender, age and gender. On Facebook, advertisers can even have their ads placed on pages that mention specific keywords.

Increase Brand Awareness: You increase brand awareness when you create a Facebook page for your business and then promote it through Facebook advertising to obtain more Likes. Facebook fan pages help to increase customer loyalty because they give you the opportunity to interact with your customers directly, which keeps your business at the front of their minds.

More Flexibility in your Ads: The length of the ad descriptions that Facebook and other social networks allow are usually longer than those offered by Google Ads. You’re also able to stop and start campaigns at will, something that’s next to impossible to do with conventional advertising campaigns. You have the option to use images in your ads, which helps to attract more attention to them.

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