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What is it about video that captures our imaginations? Sure, the movement on a screen gets our attention. But video can introduce ideas, environments, and characters that capture our imagination. We can all remember different characters from a number tv ads we’ve seen. A well done video ad stays with us long after the life of the campaign.

Broadcast television hasĀ been one of the most powerful mediums for mass media marketing of the last century. But even a 30 second tv spot and video production often exceed a medium company’s monthly ad budget. While a well-shot video delivered to the right audience at the right times may trigger a rush of product sales, a poorly delivered video can also be a gamble that a promising business may not recover from.

Video advertising has become accessible to even small start-up businesses with “Stories” on Snapchat and Instagram, live video on a number of platforms, six second bumper videos on YouTube, slideshow videos allowing storytelling without a camera, and even the emergence of stock videos to fill the multiplying roles of video advertising on the web.

Your business has a story waiting to be told

Sure, most products and services are boring. But the story of their customers, their journey, and how their lives were improved with even a cursory interaction with a brand can give us a positive feeling. The passion of their owners and employees makes them real to a normally impersonal online audience. It can inspire a trust that makes us comfortable enough to pick up the phone and call them.

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